Ibrahim Sursock Residences

logo Ibrahim Sursock Residences

A high-end elegant development in the Sursock Neighborhood

Ibrahim Sursock Residences is located in the most prestigious residential area of Beirut, between Sursock Museum and Villa Linda Sursock, with attractive views of the neighboring palaces and villas’ gardens, the Mediterranean Sea, the city and surrounding mountains.

Ibrahim Sursock Residences has the following features:
- An elegant design that blends well with the distinguished neighborhood.
- A state of the art gym, overlooking Villa Linda Sursock’s gardens.
- Ample parking space for both residents and guests, as well as storage rooms.
- A private driveway with access to Sursock and George Choueiri Streets, for ease of entry and exit.

The project is made-up of two adjacent buildings:
‐ The G tower is composed of 24 floors. A duplex of 601 m2 is located on the ground and first floors, while floors 2 to 20 are simplexes (One apartment per floor) with areas ranging from 587 m2 to 702 m2.The last 4 floors are two distinct duplexes of 810 m2 and 824 m2 each, with terraces of 184 m2 and 16 m2, respectively.
‐ The M tower is composed of 7 floors, suspended above the back garden of villa Linda Sursock, starting at the 4th floor of the G tower. The first 5 floors are simplexes (One apartment per floor, 366 m2 each), and the last 2 floors are a duplex of 544 m2 with a 96 m2 terrace.